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elerrina | 20:29 Mon 12th Nov 2007 | Shopping
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What can i do about someone not leaving me any feedback i left them positive feedback nearly a month ago and they haven't left me any feedback whatsoever yet have still been selling and doing business. I've sent them numerous emails about this and they haven't replied. is there anything i could do?



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Just don't worry about it. I sell lots on ebay, and buy occasonally. I dont think it matters anyway. Sometimes people don't leave feedback to avoid leaving neutral or negative feedback. Sometimes I dont, if for example postage costs were very high compared to what it actually cost, or if they took a long time to post.
there nothing you can do about that. sometimes people sell stuff for others on ebay. so it might be difficult for the original owner to left you a feed back, due to they probably have no access to a computer. I'm not saying this is so in your case but this could be a possible scenario.
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When I started selling Ladies Lingerie on eBay, I thought it only right to give positive feed-back to customers who ordered and paid right away. Unfortunately I have now lost my 100% rating because one "gentleman" took offence at me giving him feedback because he didn`t want anyone to know he was buying frillies. Now I make a point of saying that if the purchase is confidential then do not give feed-back. Roughly only half give feedbak but who cares!

Incidentally, because I am a well established Mail Order Business and just carried on the same when going on eBay, I am really surprised that the feed-back I do get treats my next day delivery as something special that they do not get with other sellers.
Nothing unfortunately, Ebay wont want to know it just basic bad manners. I've had this happen a few times for items i've sold and received no feedback, I've emailed the buyer a couple of times and had no response whatsover and I know there was nothing wrong with the item or delivery time.
I buy a loy more than I sell, It really hacks me off when I purchase something pay for it immediately and then they wont leave me any feedback until I leave iit for them. I have now stopped giving any feedback unless they have already sent me a message to say something was dispatched etc. or have left me feedback first. As a purchaser, I have completed my bit when I paid - what more do they need to know to give me feedback? I recently made a purchase that I was not entirely happy with, I emailed the seller and sorted it out, however, she has still not left me any feedback, presumably because she is scared that once she has left mine, I will leave her bad feedback. I wouldn't do this as as far as I am concerned the matter has been dealt with. It is annoying though and I will not leave her any out of principle now.

But, there is nothing you can do about it.
The first few times i got new feedback i was mad like you but you gotta get used to the fact that there are just a lot of rude people out there.

Or busy people.

I have to say that I haven't experienced this problem really, I think that in 4 years I have only had 2 people who haven't bothered, I'm afraid there isn't anything you can do as feedback isn't compulsory, I would forget about it now, don't let it put you off, eBay can be great fun,..... and also a pain in the backside at times!! lol.
Forgot to mention in my earlier post ... recently I purchased an item and it was not authentic as the seller described it to be. It was an imitation version, total crap. On that occasion I did not leave feedback but I also didn't want to give a negative rating; I left neutral rating and no feedback.
society - why on earth didn't you send it back for a full refund, report to trading standards and leave a negative and a truthful comment explaining why?

Fakes are illegal and these sellers should be named, shamed and properly dealt with.

I have several eBay accounts - I keep one just for buying. This means I can leave honest feedback and negatives where justified without affecting my seller's accounts where a good feedback record is essential to business sellers.

elerrina - please stop asking for feedback. Feedback is voluntary and many sellers leave feedback in blocks once every couple of months or so. Keep asking for feedback and you may get feedback you don't like.

I recommend you read some of the threads on here about feedback - and there are a lot! 1200169535

Thank you Ethel for your advice; you are so right. The contract said no refund or return and I disliked the hassle of arguing back and forth with the seller, I just let it be. It was suppose to be a leather bag but instead it was an imitation leather bag. Karma will get her. Thanks again Ethel!
If you're the seller then you should leave feedback once the payment has cleared, if they've paid no bother then tell the TRUTH that they're a good payer, likewise if they're not.
If the buyer does'nt leave feedback for you after all that, then that's their business it's sounds very rude of them in this instance. I fear it's the sellers who are most guilty of this practice.
One suggestion I recieved (off this site) is
F.L.A.S.H., feedback left after seller happy?

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