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Which Outfit For A Date?

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abbeylee90 | 17:50 Thu 30th May 2024 | Shopping & Style
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I don't if we going this or next weekend



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I'm very upset as they are now putting to 24 hours a week in work for a month as not grasping the products 😔

Abbey, you are wasting your time mulling over things that might never happen, and aren't going on in your life - such as  'go out for a meal or a drink and won't pay for himself'. Someone who hasn't asked you out, someone you don't want to go out with, might not pay for a drink or a meal...  You also asked if it was bad that he - this guy you knew for a couple of hours - 'never treated' me. Really?

Abbey, I think you should put your work/job question in the proper section. There's no point in it being in Shopping and Style, especially not under your Which Outfit For A Date? heading.

Good afternoon,

Abbeylee90, reading back on your posts, you have been so broke that you have not been able to pay your friend for an event and you were unable to pay your mother 'rent'.

Perhaps you should not judge someone you don't know.


It's not a god idea to be on Answerbank at work Abbey, especially when they are not happy with your performance. But when you get home you'd be better starting a new thread about your latest work issues.

Abbey are you saying that your work hours have been cut to 24 hours a week for a month ? If so perhaps you should focus on that rather than some bloke you don't like and are unlikely to see again. It would better better to put this in a more relevant category 

That is awful that they are cutting your hours, have you sought union help?

Is the company warranted in cutting your hours?

Abbey has been in the job only a few months. She might still be on probation. Employees' rights tend to be for longer-serving workers (maybe after one or two years service?)





DDIL, and this is the third job in a row where Abbey has had her hours cut. I expect any relevant legal/employment rights issues have been dealt with before...

Oh, I read some of her older posts but they are rather confusing in places.  

I read that she had several previous jobs but I did not realise that was an issue.

Thank you Neveracrossword for explaining it to me.

Have they cut your hours because you don't understand the things they sell, or because you aren't giving your full attention to the work they pay you to do?

Question Author

Yes not grasping the products some are not coded 

Abbey, I really do think you should start a new thread if you want to disucss the laterst setback in your employment woes. It really doesn't belong in Shopping and Style!

Question Author

I've put up a new thread 

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