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Which Outfit For A Date?

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abbeylee90 | 17:50 Thu 30th May 2024 | Shopping & Style
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I don't if we going this or next weekend



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My friend I was out with last night said he was abit of a k**b and tight a** and her friend she was with paid for all our entries.

Abbey, you're making him sound more appealing by the minute! Still, do you actually want to see him again? 

Question Author

Probably not as he left me hanging.

Why should he treat you, why don't you treat him? It seems to me you expect other people to pay for everything. Goes halves then all's fair.

Abbey, there really doesn't seem any point in you seeing him again when you are holding so many things against him! Just move on...

If his breath was unpleasant (that would put me straight off him!) and he has a poor reputation, why are you even contemplating seeing him again?  Move on.

I think he dodged a bullet with this one... Which outfit did you decide on Abbey?

Question Author

Yeah and my friend don't go to his meet out which I doubt he will either save money or wants one thing. I know I always take chewing gums when I go out.

Question Author

Pink leopard but regret that now.

Abbey, I don't understand your 'Yeah and... ' post. It's very hard to follow!

Chewing gums, Abbey - what have they got to do with your date?

Hazlinny, the chewing gums were mentioned as last night's guy had bad breath!

Easy come easy go as they say... I'm sure you look attractive in whatever you wear... he simply wasn't right for you. 

Keep looking you'll find him just remember to be safe.

Question Author

I gave him one for his breath maybe he had food before who knows but I said he brave pulling a girl infront of parents 

Maybe worth rewriting your 23:45 post abbey- it's just meaningless as you've written it. Think what you want to say, draft it, read it to check, and repeat until it makes sense...then post.

Question Author

I have him chewing for his breath as don't know why he had a bad breath.

My friend mate paid as the guy I was with clearly wasn't going to.

I couldn't belive he could pull girls infront of his parents.

Why did you expect him to pay for you?

Abbey, 'My mate paid as the guy clearly wasn't going to'- why didn't you pay for yourself? 

Question Author

I didn't I only knew until he had paid that he said to my friend to go in and he will pay for me. I offered him a drink.

I don't understand that post either Abbey.

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