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fruitsalad | 18:22 Wed 29th May 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Of this happening, I ordered an oral B toothbrush from Amazon, it arrived with the brush head missing, so sent it back, went into Boots today to buy another one, got it home and same thing brush head is missing.  



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Definitely something strange going on 

Bad batch ?

Years ago I went to PC World and bought an expensive MP4 player.  The box was unopened, with the plastic wrap, sticky seals and strapping in place.

After I paid for it I insisted the staff opened the box. Everything was there except for the MP4 player. Every box they had was opened and was exactly the same.

If I had bought it online I wouldn't have been able to prove it

Is the brush head an optional extra

Just like batteries not included in a battery operated device?



Maybe it's the version for denture wearers who exclusively soak overnight.

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