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Problem With Argos? Just Phone The Phillipimes !

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Clementino | 10:42 Wed 29th May 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Yes, I did today.

Problem with an item . Phoned 0345 number to speak to the store about 2 miles away to ask a simple question and the call was answered by a female with American accent . (no help at all)

I then asked about payment in the car park i.e. cash, card or app ? She said she was in the Phillipines so had no idea. 

I just hung up.....




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* Phillipines


Did you really expect to speak to someone actuallyat your local store?

I've called them before with no difficulty.  Hope you got your problem sorted out.

* Philippines

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pasta, I had at least hoped the person could understand the English language, but felt she was using a translator app. Just having an unlucky day here. 

Put it down to my age 


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L i K 

No, so Iwill be driving down to the store and hope for the best. 

Very common nowadays...I had a problem with an order I had made with Philips UK shop. The item was actually sent from near Amsterdam and when I rang, I spoke to a lovely lady in Athens who said a replacement would be sent from Belgium.

(Philips didn't actually charge me for the rather expensive razor as an apology!)

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Have now visited the store and sorted all queries. The staff member was very  helpful and said the 0345 number should have been updated to the local UK number. It has now been done. The car park machine takes cash or debit card.

I am useless with apps. Will do my best to learn.

Once was sorting neighbours digital landline - so phoned Vodafone, got very helpful lady - in Egypt! 

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Problem With Argos? Just Phone The Phillipimes !

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