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Would A Photo Like This Be Cringy?

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abbeylee90 | 06:48 Tue 14th May 2024 | Shopping & Style
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I been browsing o  pof and the bearded guy Ive mentioned there is a pic of him holding a wod of cash. Do I keep to binning him off?



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Only if you don't want a share of his //wod of cash//😏

-- answer removed --

Yes, it's just crass

Could be the answer to all of your problems.

Who's better ? bearded  guy or drunken Morrison guy? There's only one way to find out ........FIIIIIGHT !

can't buy me love...

Question Author

More suited to drunk morrisons or bearded more geniue

So bearded guy has become more genuine now he has a wad of money? That doesn't show you in a good light Abbay. Really neither of them seem that appealing 

The pic of the guy with the wad of cash could be ok, if he were doing it  as a joke. Possible, I suppose.

Otherwise, he's an obnoxious idiot. Like Harry Enfield's character 'Loadsamoney'. You're probably too young to remember him, Abbey. 

Drug dealer 

Question Author

When I met him twice seem geniue

Abbey: How does seeing him with what appears to be a lot of money make you feel?

Maybe he's just won the Euromillions lottery?

A frog is a frog whether sat on a lily pad or a wad of cash. Except this guy may not be a frog, but if you get back in touch after seeing this pic with him holding a load of money well that says more about you than him.

So was the pic of him was on view to all, not messaged to you ?  Was there a caption, a wink, or a comment to indicate a joke ? 

I thought you didn't like his beard or his piercings or the fact he didn't message you every five minutes of everyday. Those things won't change because he might have a bit of money.

How immature.  He sounds like a complete prawn.  

I've seen negative things about POF. It sounds like the worst possible place to meet anyone genuine.  It's basically for hook-ups. My advice...for what it's to look elsewhere. 

Sounds like Harry Enfield


Oi you! Shut your mouth and look at my wad
This is a journey into money...
Loads of money

My name, my name, my name
Is Loadsamoney

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Would A Photo Like This Be Cringy?

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