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Help With Hair Style Product

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Tilly2 | 20:59 Wed 06th Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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I am looking for something akin to 'setting lotion' to use on my hair before blow drying. After blow drying my bobbed hair, the shape lasts for one day and after a night's sleep, is an unruly mess. I need a product that will 'cement' the blow drying so that it stays in style.

Any recommendations please?



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I'm not sure there is anything that will do that.  I find cream styling products the best but none of them are that good

Do you remember Amami setting lotion from way back? My dear friend still used this product with her heated rollers. Ni idea where she gets it though.

Just looked in the bathroom.  Mine is Bed Head Small Talk.  It's OK.  Not brilliant but then nothing is.

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Thank you all for your recommendations. I'm not looking for something that will produce a perfect next day style but something that will help with keep the shape for more than one day. Some kind of creme, lotion, spray that will help keep the flying bits from flying. 😊

this is what my hairdresser uses it smells like melon

My wife has a bob cut and had the same problem, she tried all sorts of stuff.

She solved it when she but a hot rotating brush and a protective spray.  She finds it very quick and easy to use when she gets up. 

Don't know if that would suit your bob

Tilly ask your hairdresser next time you get a cut.  They'll probably have plenty for you to choose from.

I bought one of those hot rotating brushes and couldn't get on with it at all.  Do you want it Tills?

Question Author

Yes please, LB.

I'll be in all day. You can drop it round anytime.

Barry. What spray does  your wife use?

I use mousse and a large circular brush.

Then the following day I finish my hair by spraying the brush with a bit of hair spray.

I love using argan protect spray from homebargains.

Tilly, this one

Question Author

Thank you all. I'll try some sprays.

Question Author

Thanks again to all for your suggestions. I bought some Pantene Forever Glow Finishing Oil and it has made such a difference. x

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Help With Hair Style Product

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