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Top row - right hand side.  Who's the lucky guy this time, Abbey?

Multiple choice now. Lol .

Question Author

Lol got them one was for free on shein.

Someone I met online 

Somebody you met previously online or a new one?  

Centre bottom

Top right, haven't we seen these before?

Where is he taking you, abbey?

Question Author


I quite like the bottom right.  But different cuts suit different people so I do not know what might suit you best.  But on a first date I would always go very conservative.

Abbey  .. I saw this song online  ..  hope you like it  ..  I know it's nothing to do with your question but it reminded me of you. x


Question Author

Going to a bar that does cocktails and mini golf

Question Author

Hazinly what he may hate me?

It's just a song Abbey - I'm sure he wouldn't really hate you. x

Question Author

Hope not x

If you are doing mini golf, you will probably be bending over.  Go with the high neck bottom right so as not to flash off too much cleavage.  Be a lady, be classy.

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With jeans leggings or trousers 

Either of the 2 dark blue ones. Black jeans...or black trousers.

Not leggings, I think they are hideous on anyone.


I think what Hazlinny was suggesting (apologies if I am wrong) is that you seem to lack confidence and self-esteem, needing approval from others for what you wear and what to do.


Question Author

Hopefully he is decent and it goes well. Thanks. I just wanted opinions 

Abbey, I'm glad you feel the advice from ABers is useful. There's a part of me feels that your own friends would make better judges - they'll surely know what things suit you best(they must have seen you in 100s of outfits), what things you can carry off and so on? 

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