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Tilly2 | 20:39 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Shopping & Style
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Does anyone use Vinted as a way of buying and selling clothes? Do you have any comments about the service provided?



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I don't but my daughter and granddaughter do.  They have been pleased with their purchases.  On one occasion the item wasn't delivered and they received a refund without any problems.

It's all the rage here in Spain!

I have bought a few things, you buy from individual sellers so its pot luck what the product will be like.

But I've been happy so far with everything ive bought.

Vinted ask you if everything is ok before they transfer the money to the seller.

My daughter has sold quite a few of her old toys and clothes and got good prices. From what she says she's very happy with how it is run.

I got as far as website for a look. Have been thinking I might like to use this.

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Thank you all. I might give it a go.

I have some work wear I want to get rid of and it would be nice to get a bit of money for the good quality clothes that I no longer wear.

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