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Vented Versus Ebay

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smurfchops | 19:24 Mon 13th Sep 2021 | Shopping & Style
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Trying to sell stuff but not much luck on eBay and their commission is quite high. Is it worth trying Vinted or do you think people looking on Vinted would have already looked on eBay??


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If you're going to give Vinted a go, it would make sense to set your prices a bit lower than you've been doing on eBay. As you've suggested, people tend to look at several sites. If a potential buyer won't take your bait on eBay (where they only pay the price stated), they're unlikely to do so on Vinted (where they'll have to pay a buyer protection fee on top of the advertised price).

Having said that though, as there are no listing fees on Vinted, it would seem sensible to give it a go anyway, as you've got nothing to lose.

If you're only selling clothes, Vinted might well be your best alternative to eBay. If you're selling other stuff though, try Shpock:
I really hate vinted that advert has been annoying me since November last year.
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Thanks all, I will give them both a go.
Try Etsy.

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Vented Versus Ebay

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