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cassa333 | 02:17 Mon 27th Jan 2020 | Shopping
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I bought a very expensive item on eBay and paid by bank transfer.

I have the item so from that point everything is fine.

However on my eBay account it says pay now. Obviously I’ve already paid but to finish it all off I need to pay on the eBay system.

I’ve not bought anything on eBay for effectively cash before so do I still click the pay now button and it lets me finish without actually having to pay anything via eBay?



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The request for payment is an automatic thing. You’ve paid, so it’s fine.
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Ok thanks. I don't want to get banned for non payment or something
You should be OK Cass.
Ask the seller to mark you as paid.
johnk's advice points the way. However, it is worth noting that when the seller marks the transaction as paid he/she becomes due to pay eBay's seller's fee. This may hold things up, but certainly you are OK vis-á-vis eBay who just issues a standard message to assist/protect the seller, they do not collect any money for sellers nor do they mark your account in any way unless the seller starts a "case" against you. You are covered as having paid by virtue of the payment record with your bank.

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