Long Handled Windscreen Ice Scraper.

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Barsel | 13:31 Fri 01st Nov 2019 | Shopping
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Is there such a thing? I've found the ones for scraping wallpaper but the ones for cars only seem to have really short handles.Thanks


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Thanks spath but I want to actually see it so I can see it's not too heavy for me to use, and I never buy from Amazon anyway.
I made one. Bought a scraper with a hollow handle and inserted a broom handle ( minus the broom of course).
Barsel // I want to actually see it//
All the suggestions have illustrations.How else can you see it?
I'm sure it's not too heavy, but i understand your point.

I'm unsure you'll be able to find one on the highstreet.
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Buy buying it from a shop rather than online. I need to hold it in my hands to make sure it's not too heavy.
^ spath beat me to it!
In the days when I left my car outside I used to have a watering can full of water by the door. Pouring ALL of it over the windscreen, except for a small amount on the side & back window, removed the frost and warmed up the windscreen enough for it not to refreeze. It also stopped my breath freezing on the inside of the windscreen.
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Spath that looks just what I was hoping to find. I thought I'd looked on Halfords site. I'll go and have a look over the weekend. Thanks.
No worries
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Have just checked for stock and they have them at my nearest Halfords. Thank everyone. x

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Long Handled Windscreen Ice Scraper.

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