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jennyjoan | 13:36 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Shopping
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No matter what I buy they are never long enough to cover the multitude/ass. My neighbour across the street is far heavier than me yet she wears lovely blouses and they are long - ie covers her Yabbie.

No I wouldn't ask her - that would be embarrassing and rude. Anybody know where to buy these long tops. Thank you.


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I found some in peacocks and asda ,but I would ask your neighbour x
I would ask her - she'll be flattered
It would not be rude or embarrasing to say to your neighbour 'oh I like that top you wearng where did you get it? It's complimentary really.

Look online for tunic tops as tunics are hip length
Look for tunics rather than t shirts .
what chelle says. No need to mention her yabbie or yours.
go to amazon and put in long line tops for women loads come up x
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Mind you like I'm not bumming LOL - if i could get one stone off - I do have beautiful tops in my wardrobe to wear.

Am for the doctor's in the morning for some kind of news and I know I will have to lose some weight. Like I sound massive but am not. Just a few pounds err stones overweight.

I have started this week trying to lose the weight - I started last Friday and have lost 3lbs but I'm so impatient i want the weight to come off quicker. Sorry for talking about weight here.

Neighbour err Loves herself a bit too much and conversation doesn't flow easily from her - so I deffo couldn't ask her.
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I didn't say Yabbie - who would have done that - a moderator or ED
3 lbs , well done jj.
Auto censored.
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ok - thanks Mamy - ach 3lbs Anne - that's nothing.
It's a steady start, good luck x
It’s a start jj. If you didn’t say yabbies, what did you say. ?Spell it out or star out some of the letters .
It's a good start!
probably your own autocorrect rather than the Ed getting playful, jj
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Jno - don't use autocorrect - am too good a speler LOL.

MallyH - that was a good suggestion - have gone on and have had a good look and some of them look nice and long. thanks
I buy stuff from.
They usually show the item on a model so you will get an idea as to its length.
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thanks Wolf - are they a good fit - you know like a bit of give per se.
The fit is normally good, ie a size 16 is not a size 14 in disguise.

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