Lemon Scented Mens Cologne

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zingo1327 | 14:50 Wed 07th Nov 2018 | Shopping
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Can anyone recommend a mens cologne/aftershave that smells like mild lemon?
Thank you in advance


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I rate L'Occitane

Good lacoste suggestion Mamy

Bannasplits, did you know that one tastes as good as it smells!? ;)
Someone closed the joke topic today?
Nope I'm still going strong over there mamya xxxx
The thing with citrus scents is that the citrus wears off and then you smell the middle and bottom notes. It's quite hard to get something that keeps it's citrus smell. Last summer D&C bought out an Italian Zest version of their Light Blue perfume (for women) I tried it and it was lovely for about 10 mins then smelt of Light Blue which I really didn't like. The Verbena range at L'Occitane is good - I use the deodorant and the men's version is called Cedron which is also in their aftershave range. The Verbena EDT is unisex. Atelier Cologne also do citrus scents - I think the Pomelo one is the closest to lemon.
Eau Sauvage, Dior. Lovely!
I'd second Eau Sauvage, or the much less expensive - but very citrussy - Eau de Rochas Homme. Very classy for the price.

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Lemon Scented Mens Cologne

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