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margarettom | 20:32 Sat 30th Jun 2018 | Shopping
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Is anyone else fed up with being mugged by Amazon Prime? I went into Amazon to buy some computer ink and, as I was going through the purchase, I noticed it was Amazon Prime only and stopped the process. Then I got an email saying 'thank you for signing up for your free trial from Amazon Prime'. I was shocked and contacted Amazon's customer services and had a long moan and said I wanted the trial stopped immediately. Got a surprisingly prompt reply apologising and saying the trial had been stopped. But, when I went back into the computer ink site, I realised that all the cheap offers were Amazon Prime and a long way down the list were the non Amazon Prime offers and they were very expensive. Last time I shopped on Amazon ( not that long ago) this was not the case. When did the takeover of Amazon happen? Anyway, I bought the computer ink from EBay and it was cheaper than the Amazon Prime ones and post free. I shop fairly frequently on Amazon, but have been really put off now and will make EBay my first choice in future.


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Amazon do sell prime only items
22:40 Sat 30th Jun 2018
Amazon want as many people to use Prime as possible....and this is one of the ways they try to get you to sign up.
I signed up some years ago and am not being "mugged" at all...I get plenty for my subscription.
....incidentally, just because an item has "Prime" next to it, does not mean it is available only to Prime members....just that they get free next-day delivery.
As far as I know, going by my own experience...just because it says Prime doesn't mean it's *only* for Prime subscribers. It just means if you have Prime, you get the associated bells and whistles. So, just order what you want.
PS...sometimes there are prices exclusively for Prime members.
I love Prime.
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Fair enough gingejbee, but I only use Amazon for a bit of shopping and have no interest whatsoever in anything Amazon Prime has to offer. If I did want to join, I would be quite capable of doing so without being coerced.

....but, as I said, you've misunderstood "Prime" next to the item....the item is available to anyone but not with the benefit of guaranteed free next-day delivery.
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Usually I do just avoid Prime and shop normally, but this time there was no other choice. which is why I pulled out of the purchase.

I've put things on my wish list, only to see a price drop...available only to Prime members. Boo!
Love prime.
As they are offering a free trial you must have to pay for it when the trial has finished. How much is it?
i think it's around £79 py or £7.99 a month
Thanks bednobs. And you never have to pay any postage? Is that the deal? If so, I don't buy often enough to make it worthwhile.
you also get prime music, prime video, prime now (depending on where you live) prime pantry, free next day delivery
Thanks bednobs. Not for me I'm afraid but it's a helluva job to avoid it lately. I think I'll move to eBay as well.
Why pay Amazon £79 per year, when most things I buy on ebay come with free p&p?
I reckon I am in profit on Prime, its cheaper and faster than going to the nearest shops, paying to park, hunting for what I want and finding its not there and so on.
It's a great way to close down the high street giving folk something to moan about for years to come.
I started to order a paperback but am worried that I may have inadvertantly ordered it through Prime. I went through the whole process but did not press the CONFIRM button at the end of the transaction.

What do you think? I want nothing to do with Prime. As far as I am concerned, it is a con.
and the latest
if you are mugged into paying for prime and it comes up on an account

the difficulty is that you have a charge and you have no idea which account it comes from
I access another account and found my way to customer service
and THEN you fill out the form of course
and plug in the telephone no near you and then press 'phone me now'
THEN the took the card no and the card holder has to be present - pay attention jt account holders
THEN - I had to set up an account ! with the card
THEN they can trace the transaction
[whilst you ridicule them on how fast they take payments out]

in this case - prime had been set up on amazon without an account!

then there was a lot more blahh-de-blaahing about how totally wonderful the service was
whilst I was hitting back at an contribution I had to make towards Mrs Jeff Bezos divorce settlement of £200 m was a welcome expense

and I got back 2 wks worth ( unconsciously toggled amazon prime again in the meantime - see prime only sales above )

and the whole thing took 120 m - well there is service for you! - and all power to Mrs Bezos elbow

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