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Dashcams At Maplins.

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10ClarionSt | 21:01 Fri 20th Oct 2017 | Shopping & Style
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Went looking at these today. The prices are outrageous. The cheapest one they had was £49.99, a farty little thing not much bigger than a match box. I asked the manager how they can justify those prices for something that looks like it's come from China in a Lucky Bag. He started going on about viewing angles, night recording, loop timer etc., anything to try and justify what, to me, is a massive rip off. Needless to say I didn't buy one. They aint much cheaper anywhere else really. I fail to see how then ask the prices that they do. In various stores in the U.S. they are much cheaper, like $15 to $30 for the same products. We is being had kids!


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Is it being so cheerful as keeps you going....?

If it did what you want, I don't think £49.99 is out of the way.
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....and, according to Which?, the cheapest DECENT dashcam ( a Nextbase model) costs £64. There are lots of "Don't Buy" models, some rather pricey.
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Well for eight quid it worth a try.
While I love Maplin for their customer service ('cos they're one of the few stores who employ staff who actually know their stuff), I'd never expect them to be cheap. So I'm surprised that they've got any dashcams at all for under about £80.

While reading reviews is obviously something well worth doing, it's also worth searching Youtube for videos taken with any cameras that you're considering buying.

For example, this video is remarkably clear from a camera which Argos sells for just £39.99

I would agree that most of the stuff sold in Maplin is over-priced, but no one forces you to buy from them.

I have the model dashcam in tonyav’s link – of course you need to buy a tf card (available at £5 for a 32gb class 10 card from ebay).

I buy most of my electronic components from China (and elsewhere) via ebay, often for as little as 1/10th of what Maplin would want – but then I might have to wait a month or more for the goods to arrive.

Gets a reasonable review
As somebody who's on the road most of the week I'd just like to say that adding a dashcam to all the other garbage already interfering with field of vision doesn't stop motorists driving like complete fanoids.
I bought mine at the petrol station for £20 and its fantastic
someone ran into me and denied it,until i mentioned the dashcam and their memory suddenly returned

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Dashcams At Maplins.

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