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Wanted: Christmas Cards Depicting Georgian/regency Period.

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Vimto | 10:37 Fri 20th Oct 2017 | Shopping & Style
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I have scoured shops and the internet for Christmas cards depicting a Georgian or Regency period design without success; they seem to have disappeared. Ideally, I would like a view of the interior of a village inn or gentleman's home with the wet dogs and a roaring fire in a huge grate with the men of the house supping their porter/beer from large tankards and maybe a serving girl or two going about their duty. You know the sort of thing? Can anyone please point me in the right direction to where I might find something like this or similar?


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have you tried amazon?
alternatively, local post office, sounds silly, but mine has quite a variety available.
Also, if you have a 'forget-me-not' type shop, they may have them.
Try Amazon under Vintage Christmas Cards
They are my favourite type of Xmas card scene. Dickinson/Victorian ones are nice too. But I tend to find I write fewer and fewer cards each year, and usually end up either using up the unused cards from last year's boxful or finding no enthusiasm to search out more than the nearest card shop's boxed set. Good luck with your search.
Can find a lot of lovely Victorian style ones, if you find a particular image you like perhaps you could have some printed up?
Have you tried charity shops? They often stock quite traditional cards.

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Wanted: Christmas Cards Depicting Georgian/regency Period.

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