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ImLostAgain | 12:12 Thu 01st Jun 2017 | Shopping
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I've never used ebay before and I'm thinking of buying one of my grandchildren a door sign. It's only £3-99p. The seller says it is free postage. Does this mean it's not really worth the £3-99p and so the postage is already added, or do you think there will be hidden extras?
The seller has 100% feedback.


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Lots of ebay sellers do free postage as do I when selling people like free postage
There should not be any extra charges, you should pay only £3.99

The seller has factored the postage costs and eBay fees into the selling price
Whether it is worth £3.99 is a matter of opinion- if you are happy to pay it, it is arguably worth it. How does the price compare with others? The seller will pay the postage and may have special rates- I once got something incredibly cheap on ebay from a company with free postage and it took 4 weeks to arrive (which is what they said it would take)
You decide if what you are buying is worth the cost ie. £3-99.Yes the seller will have included the postage so nothing else to pay.

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Ok, thanks everyone. Yes it's worth the price for the novelty value alone.
Thanks again.
It means they are selling it at £3:99 including postage, if you are interested at paying that price for it. There isn't going to be further charges.
Don't forget that some REALLY cheap things come directly from China with free postage....but can take three/four weeks to arrive.
Have you read the sellers reviews, from other buyers etc?

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