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jennyjoan | 20:36 Sat 18th Feb 2017 | Shopping
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Bought some items in Sainsburys and received usual coupons etc etc. One coupon says you will 50 points if you buy a certain pack of biscuits.

Now, that is fine, the other coupon just says you will receive triple points when next you shop. Now how is that worked out.

Do you get the triple for buying saying £10 or for £1 - assistant said it is not worked out on how much you spend but what's on the card????? I don't know what she means


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If it's like Tesco vouchers, you get the extra points on the whole shop, so wait until you're doing a large-ish one, then use it.
Triple points (rather than single points) on whatever you spend?
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that;s what I thought lie-in - unfortunately it was one of those helpers at the machine and she took it off me - so bye bye wee ticket. lol
What did she do with it, Jennyjoan? Did she scan it and put it in the voucher slot?
What she means is that if you spend £1 you will get 3 points as opposed to 1, whereas if you spend £10 you will get 30 as opposed to 10. Nectar cards are rubbish; companies like Sainsbury's pay them a fortune,hence their higher prices, with little or no benefit to the consumer. To earn £5 you have to spend £1000. That's why my card is in the bin.

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