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Purchasing Men's Electric Shaver From China

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porkchop | 12:40 Sat 04th Oct 2014 | Shopping & Style
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I was in interested in purchasing an electric shaver from an online Chinese company but i was told not to go near them as they were only ****. I do not believe this opinion because the Chinese make most of the well known shaver brands (Phillips, Remington etc etc) that we have in Europe, and they have to keep their own population of a billion happy. Any views on this subject would be welcome.


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Everything these days seems to be made in China. Hard to avoid their products nowadays.
One can not advise without the name but generally speaking the successful companies have well known brand names that they protect, partly by ensuring quality goods/service. Less well known names are more risky, they might be up-and-coming leaders of the future, or they may be fast buck merchants. You pay your money and take your chances. Also I'd suggest not buying from a country where it would be difficult to get legal address should there be an issue. Consider if they retail in the UK, or if the goods are so cheap you are willing to risk it anyway.
Also, beware of copies.
I wouldn`t touch them with a bargepole. The markets in China are full of fakes including electronic goods. GHD (hair straighteners) are a very popular one. If it`s Chinese, online and cheap then it`s a fake.
Big name brands being made in China is not the same as unbranded stuff specifically made to sell cheap. Quality and performance are likely to be mediocre at best...and how will you get replacement cutters etc. when needed?
....and, incidentally, you're incorrect about the country of origin of Philips shavers....not one of the three in this house is made in China. They're all made in The you may have to re-think your argument!

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Purchasing Men's Electric Shaver From China

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