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Amazon Delivery Details

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237SJ | 19:52 Thu 02nd Oct 2014 | Shopping & Style
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Today I purchased something from Amazon and forgot to fill in the section that asks what I want to do if the package is delivered when I am not here (leaving it in the porch/with a neighbour etc) I can`t find a way to go back to that section on the website. Does anyone know if it is possible to put in the details after the purchase?


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Are you able to get into your order history to see if the item has been sent out?
Question Author
Wolf - it`s being processed, apparently. Due for delivery on the 8th.
I ordered a cat drinking fountain the other day and got an email to say that it had been sent and the order could not be changed.

put a wee note on your door..if I am not in leave at number....
Unlike the faceless drones who run the monolith that is Amazon, your courier is human and will most likely work it out for himself, if only to save an unpaid return visit.
It'll be fine.
Do you know which company is to deliver the item? If you do (and I am always advised if it's going to be DPD), you can ring their depot before the item leaves their distribution base.
Delivery people can read? Last delivery of an expensive and fairly fragile item I had was left on the doorstep in full view of the road. Delivery person obviously could not find the doorbell. On the doorframe.
Two days later post person could not find it either. Dreaded red and white card on the mat. No TV or radio on, bell was working (I check if I am waiting for a delivery, door living room door open in case anyone knocked.
Nearest P.O. 1/4 mile away. Can't re-deliver there, different Post Code.
15 minute bus journey after 10 minute walk. Decided to shop in that area. Found some cheap branded Scotch. Silver lining?
Question Author
Thanks for the replies. Maybe I`ll go down the route of putting a note on the door. I wouldn`t normally do that as I might not get back for several days but I should be home within a few hours so it might be OK.
There's an option in Amazon to message the seller.
If it's not been dispatched they may be able to add the info for you.

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Amazon Delivery Details

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