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Peeling Leather Suite

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chessington | 15:39 Mon 06th Oct 2014 | Shopping & Style
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We bought a leather suite from harveys nearly 5 years ago, I didn't expect the leather to start coming off already, it is faux leather, we didnt take out any insurance so harveys wont help, just wondering why this is happening already and I have been using the wipes they provided for cleaning and protection, does anyone else know why this is happening TIA


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The word "faux" means "false".
It is, therefore, a false leather suite.
It wont be a leather suite, but some kind of imitation fabric that appears to be leather.

Having done so once, I would not buy anything else from Harveys if they were the last Furniture Retailer on the Planet!
If it's "faux leather" then it's some sort of vinyl....and five years isn't that bad for this stuff, depending on how you've used/abused it.

You say, "We bought a leather suite from harveys nearly 5 years ago"

Did you know it was Faux Leather when you bought it, what does it say on the receipt?,
I have had a faux leather sofa from Harvey's, only had it 2 years and it's wearing in places already. They are not interested, would never go back there.
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thanks for the replies, we did know it was faux leather and fake leather but didn't expect it to peel like it has, next time will go to a different furniture shop
The thing is even if it is out of warranty how long would you expect it to last? Has it been abused? Faux leather is generally not very hardwearing. What looks good quality in the showroom is often not built to last. Check with Harvey's customer care dept. You may have a case. I never used faux or real leather. My current (fabric) suite was bought in 1994. Not expensive but i took a long time choosing it. Apart from the braiding (replaceable) its still got loads of life in it.
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It hasn't been abused in anyway and I clean it regular with the wipes that we got from harveys (the care kit for 39.99) and other leather wipes from Tesco, harveys were not interested when I phoned them.
I can't understand using leather wipes (meant for leather surfaces) on a suite that isn't remotely leather. Perhaps the wipes contributed to the deterioration of the vinyl surface?

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Peeling Leather Suite

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