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Boy's watch

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sherrardk | 19:55 Thu 23rd Jun 2011 | Shopping & Style
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Does any one know where I can get a watch like this one -

But in a boy's size. My son has asked for one for his 11 birthday (which I think is a strange thing to ask for at 11 but it is his choice). Thanks


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could you perhaps buy a ladies one, that would be a smaller size.
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He will work out it is a ladies watch (as he will search the web for it) and he will instantly go off it.
If the watch face itself is not too big on his wrist just ask the jeweller to take some links out of the strap to make it fit.
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Thanks all - he likes the Ben Sherman one at Argos. He is a small lD so a man's watch would look huge on him. I have shown the picture to him and he seems to be happy with it. Thanks again.
when is he 11 sherr? My eldest will be 11 on the 5th of July - he wants a screen to attach to his net book - he is stealth building a PC! he has a mouse and has asked his brother for a keyboard. He reckons he can buy the computer box bit himself with his savings :o). A watch looks much smarter though!
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He is 11 on 4 July but he already has lots of stuff (basically he could be considered spoilt - if we have the money at Christmas or on Birthdays then they can have what they want, however, they have also had to put up with the times when we have had nothing!). I fear he is going to be a pain about the watch though - he is not fussed about what he wears but he has got a bee in his bonnet about this flipping watch!
did you call him Sam with being born on the 4th? I was in labour in hospital from the 3rd - midwifes kept saying that baby would be born on the 4th and that we should call him/her Sam. he wasn't born until well into the 5th though! I know what you mean about spoiled. ours have a playroom and a PS3 and wii and a DS and DSi each and eldest got a netbook for his birthday last year. The problem is that he is currently obsessed with a game called Minecraft that you play on the PC. It doesn't work on our family desktop as it is too old and his net book is a bit slow and the screen is quite small. I've said they can get a desktop between them at Christmas but he doesn't want to wait that long.

They can be so fussy though about making sure that it is the "right" thing. I guess that'll only get worse as they get older.

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Boy's watch

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