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AB Editor | 11:43 Thu 23rd Jun 2011 | Shopping & Style
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How is your highstreet coping with the current "economic wobble"?

  • It's Surviving. - 91 votes
  • 47%
  • It's Dying. - 66 votes
  • 34%
  • It's Thriving! - 18 votes
  • 9%
  • It's Deceased. It is an ex-highstreet. - 17 votes
  • 9%

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The Highstreet itself seems to be busy all the time, though the shops not so much. I was the only person in Topshop yesterday!
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No Staff? No going to make much money that way!
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I live half way between two towns. One has had millions spent on regeneration and appears to be thriving. The other town is slowly going through the process but it is terrible. Lots of the shops in the centre close and open as something for a month then close again. Even after the regeneration in that town is completed, I think it will still lose out.
most of the big names are part of retail parks now, the old highstreet has become a mass of fast food, charity shops and pound shops intersperced with a co-op or a tesco extra, stores like next, M&S, boots ect require transport or a very loong walk ;)
Ha ha. Yes, just one member of staff, who was texting. Clearly it had been a slow day!
lol I mean tesco express not an extra
lots of pound shops and charity shops, but nothing much boarded up.

Yes, Tescos and Sainsbury's, having driven small retailers out of business with big supermarkets, are now opening small local shops to replace them.
But it could never have really been called a high street even in better times.

The only big name shops we ever had were Woolworths and Boots. Nearest department stores are 20 miles in one direction and 30 in the other!!

But who cares. I don't like shopping at all. Morrisons for food is out of town and fine and shopping online suits me.
Sales here & there & the shops are reducing prices on products.
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We have a thriving High St thank goodness .Butchers,bakers and candlestick makers:) And a Morrisons . It's always busy .
I can't drive so would be lost without local shops on my doorstep.
Saw this happening years ago in the US. All retailers either closed or moved to shopping malls on the city outskirts. For many elderly city folks no longer able drive a car, getting food basics means a walk to a filling station shop - if there is one!
Yet another coffee place opening - Costa franchise this one which must bring the village café total to about 6.

It's amazing how many places one large village can sustain!
Aren't most high streets extremely dull? With the exact same shops in (or is that on?) them all.
it's getting that way, B00. Nuffink but Co-ops. Actually, our high street isn't bad, lots of local shops and almost no chains (there's a Sanisbury's buried round the back somewhere). Very few boarded up. But shops change hands every so often, and a few of them have been bought up by alleged drugs barons as supermarkets to launder their money. (Okay, just gossip, no idea if it's true.)
I can't remember the last time I shopped in town as it's either the internet or retail parks for me. York shops are kept alive by the tourist industry.
Our Highstreet is fantastic, all the big names, marks's, next, bhs, primark!.
we have a market on a thursday and it always seems busy, the only thing is the train goes right through the town centre and stops all the shoppers then you have a mass stampede when the barriers go up!
the lower end going down to Poole quay is a bit dated, few holiday gift type shops and a grotty looking tattooists! Our woolies is now a shop called "This is it" and seem to sell everything from toy to swimming pools to wet suits to gardening stuff.
Parking is 80p and hour dont know how that compares with other parts of the country!

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