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money/change bottle

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what..the? | 14:13 Thu 29th Nov 2007 | Shopping & Style
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I want one of those huge fake plastic bear bottles that you can put your spare change in, but I cannot find one in the shops since I have been looking...that is always the way isn't it! lol Has anyone by chance seen one in a highstreet store???


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i had the same problem a couple of months ago. couldnt find one anywhere. i gave up looking in the end. but what i did find in a cheap highstreet shop-one of those that sells all odd bits and bobs- was a money tin. they came in a variety of sizes and was made to look like a ten, twenty or five pound note was wrapped round them! look pretty good and hold alot of coins!!!
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Thanks, I might have to 'make do' well, you just have to give up after awhile
Hey What,

I bought a really large whiskey bottle in a charity shop that I use for spare change.

Charity shops are brill for that kind of thing.

BB xx
i have seen a few on ebay!
a bit expensive for what they are! but the coca cola plastic ones are under a �10!
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great thanks for all the answers

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money/change bottle

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