Do you set off fireworks on November the 5th?

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AB Editor | 12:45 Mon 05th Nov 2018 | Seasonal
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  • No - 60 votes
  • 90%
  • Yes - 5 votes
  • 7%
  • Other, I will discuss below - 2 votes
  • 3%

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Good morning all.

I have set up this poll. It automatically publishes from the AB Editor but please be aware that the AB Editor is still on sick leave.

All information regarding the AB Editor can be found here.
No kids so no incentive.
If I had, I would.
They are too expensive.
No, waste of money
I agree with others that they're bare expensive, but you can get a decent amount from Tesco for £30,(firework night kit) Well worth it in my opinion. I'll be getting one of those box of tricks to set off tonight.
No. We dont have children so there's little point. If we did though we'd go to an organised display. In this village and the next we dont do fireworks because of the large numbers of thatched houses.
My adult friends enjoy fireworks as well as their children! We have hotdogs and set them off. BM regarding thatches roofs that is a very good idea lol.
No, I watch my neighbours'
does a sparkler in my teatime baked alaska count?
Not now, did when the children were young - I have a good vantage point to see other people's displays from my balcony.
nor at any other time. I don't begrudge others their fun but wish they would stick to the 5th or go to an organised display. I also wish that they would limit what they do use to their own land and that includes the debris. I hope this is public so most people will see it. This is what its like for a fearful dog and its not nearly as abad as it is for some dogs.[0]=68.ARBsz7cxy-h4w7xl63ehKkWTkSQCRXkeSAv8kCS3JmmJeMoqXhNuFwt5BDXKUmp3Dv2TGt4cwqEWizGjJchtKgoQtzm1yTL7jIaNB4yo2Rcvipm_CMPVcosR9ZfrGzen3peIw_pU-4ZhYEl75npgKt9xY8PLAZ7CBf7yBy3QWGW6OOrNSnng7YD7Ar4k3Xx6-qq89VRv33_eME-MTccI0PZZWxOAa01mHqKaVjc
its on youtube too
Grew up in NI where fireworks were at Halloween. Before they were banned.
Our anti catholic’s bongired
When I had little children and a responsible adult nearby we had small displays in the garden.

Since setting fire to the low hanging light over the table in a restaurant with a "safe" cake firework I've avoided them.... :-(
Our anti catholic bonfires tended to be in the warmer month of July
we used to have a greyhound and every Nov 5th and New Year, she was petrified. She stood, trembling and hyperventilating while fireworks went off and was like that for several hours afterwards. Curiously, we live very close to the military ranges near Catterick and the noise of gunfire and explosions from there did not bother her at all
No need I can see pretty much every firework in Birmingham from the balcony but this year I will pretend it's not happening. Dave and I always watched together with hot dogs and mugs of boozy coffee. Then we would watch V For Vendetta.... happy times
nope never bought any in over 30 yrs ....i watch other peoples now
No, not even for the kids.

Look a firework.
oooh look another one
omg another

How many fireworks before you're bored?

For me, they can ban fireworks other than for organised events.
Seems it's only me up for the whizz bangs then?

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Do you set off fireworks on November the 5th?

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