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Do You Prefer A Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

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AB Editor | 15:25 Fri 20th Dec 2019 | Christmas
51 Answers

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  • Real - 70 votes
  • 32%
  • Fake - 65 votes
  • 30%
  • I don't put up a Christmas tree - 49 votes
  • 23%
  • I don't have a preference - 17 votes
  • 8%
  • I don't celebrate Christmas - 11 votes
  • 5%
  • Other, I will say below - 4 votes
  • 2%

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I don't celebrate Christmas
I would prefer fake (no needles, no disposal problems) but as I'm alone, I don't decorate at all.
The choice of a real or a fake Christmas tree has been controversial for the past few years down the road from me in Ipswich.

I loved it when the council put this 'tree' up outside the Town Hall:
(It's now on the Waterfront). However the traditionalists hated it and they've now got there way, so we're stuck with a boring fir tree again!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1024/image.jpg
I prefer no tree at all but as with most things in our wee hoose my wishes are for SFA. :-)
^^^ There? Their!!!
When I used to put one up it was artificial modern ones are really good reproductions. Will decorate and got a mini tree that will sit on cabinet. Just put the fake wreath on front door.
Real - always - inside the house and outside.
Fake, real ones are too messy , mines a pre lit one
Traditionally people bought trees inside during midwinter festivals to keep the spirits of the forests comfortable and warm. To assist this, they decorated the trees with food and goodies as well as symbols to show the spirits that they were friendly and welcoming.

Therefor I like the idea of a real tree. I understand a faux tree will be easier and they're good to have as a back up in case one year you can't afford or have time to get a real tree, but I find real trees are easier to put up and discard after the season.

One thing a faux tree can't give you is that scent.

But I mean to be honest, I don't really care either way.
Chris the current tree pic looks lovely, better than the artificial one IMO.
A real growing tree which is planted outside eventually.
you need something to scare away faux demons too, TheDevil.
We’ve got a fake one but don’t bother putting it up now there are no young children her.
JNO, a bit of faux candle light does the trick.
As I'm on my own, none now. But in the past, always real. Love the smell. Mess is easily hoovered up.
I grew up with 60s modern fake...a white one.
Prefer a real one, but if I go near it I get allergic dermatitis, so a small fake for us.
Just finished the fake one for the front porch. Just about to do the indoor real tree when Mr T has finished vacuuming and polishing and we've had a cup of tea.
I much prefer real but they don't last indoors and pine needles and dogs are not a good combination so i have fake
I always get a Nordmann Fir for indoors. They don't seem to shed as many needles as a spruce. Also, spruce irritates my hands so I steer clear of them.
Always real and pay a bit more for the non-dropping variety (usually a Nordmann). The needle drop is negligible.

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Do You Prefer A Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

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