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Iceland Is So Weird

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rowanwitch | 14:17 Thu 25th Oct 2018 | Christmas
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They have a Yule monster cat that eats poor people. We have a fat old bloke who breaks into houses. Can we swap


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LOL! I thought you meant the Frozen Food retailer!
bizarre in the extreme...
Nice moral in there Rowan.

This made me smile too.

You think Iceland is weird???

Catalonia has The Crapper ...
Yeah but also in Iceland they also have a tradition of buying each other new pyjammas, chocolate and books on Christmas Eve and everyone spends Christmas Eve in their new jammas, eating choccy and reading their new books. Iceland is on our list to do next year x
icelands new years magic is better
There once ws a public house in Chelsea called The Thomas Crapper

//Thomas Crapper manufactured one of the first widely successful lines of flush toilets. Crapper did not invent the toilet, but he did develop the ballcock, an improved tank-filling mechanism still used in toilets today. Crapper’s name would become synonymous with the devices he sold (although the English word “crap” predates him by centuries), thanks in part to American servicemen stationed overseas during World War I. These doughboys, unfamiliar with the relatively new-fangled invention, referred to the toilets as “crappers”—due to the Crapper brand’s ubiquity in England and Franc—and brought the term back home with them after the war.//

Just Saying :-)
The weird thing is that parents etc spend ages teaching chldren not to interact with strangers and not to take gifts from them. Then they often pay for a stranger to sit the child on their knee and give them gifts. Also ensuring that the child also understands that it is ok for a stranger to come into their home in the dark and often into their bedrooms in the night ! I have always found that most bizarre
We were never sent off to the Grotto in the Co Op (Cos that where he lived then) on our own - always had a parent with us.
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We have plenty of candidates for Yule cats I think Murphy looks the part
And in Sweden the whole country watches Donald Duck on Christmas Eve (in England’s too if you happen to have a Swedish guest staying). On Christmas Day they watch a very old comedy waiter/retainer film.

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Iceland Is So Weird

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