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AB Editor | 10:22 Tue 25th Sep 2012 | Christmas
18 Answers

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  • Yes! Still too early! - 243 votes
  • 84%
  • No! Break out the carol sheets! - 45 votes
  • 16%

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I love Christmas!

All the lights and tinsel and sparkly stuff!
17:04 Tue 25th Sep 2012
I love Christmas!

All the lights and tinsel and sparkly stuff!
as do I, 2sp
Winter teatime, stuck on the top deck of the bus going nowhere very slowly - but the lights in the shopping streets ...and.....don't people have interesting front rooms?
got the cards written out now saving up to buy the stamps
No Noddie Holder or whatever he's called, please, and no Pogues. I only have to hear them to turn into a mysogonistic curmudgeon.
Bah, humbug
I love Christmas and celebrate it in October before it gets O.T.T. and like a rat race.
I have started early this year due to the large tins of chocs being on offer.
But I'm teetotal. Jolly good fun and joy. :)
I'm with Leo on this one!
I had one last year.
OK, Sprouts are on simmer.
I would prefer it if Christmas came every five years. I might then dislike it less. Bah Humbug from me. I shall again do my best to ignore it. It's fine for kids, and I did my very best to make Christmas special when my son was young and enjoyed the joy it gave him, but fortunately now I don't have to bother. Roll on spring.
You mean that we have to celebrate it yet again. just another way for the major supermarkets to make even more profit. Lets gck n time and just celebrate the true meaning of christmas {religous festivall), much to much hype about presents etc.
Should be nomeion of the C word before the December 1st.
Love it !
pardon the previous spelling mistakes.

Should read "lets go back in time"

"Should be no mention of the C word"
have you ordered the turkey yet?????????
OK for kids, but I usually spend Christmas alone and am relieved when it's all over. Talking about it and planning in September is utterly ridiculous.
What, without the option?
We're looking around for somewhere in the UK to take the grandkids. Last year they turned down Paris, so we left 'em behind.
Looks like Embra might win the vote.

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