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Real or fake..........

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Craftypig | 08:25 Thu 01st Dec 2011 | Christmas
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Which is your preferred Christmas tree, a real one or a fake one. I want a real one this year, but not sure how close to the actual event to get it. If i get it too soon is it likely to wilt or if I leave it too late there wont be a great deal of choice left....


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One of my local shops sells real ones, haven't seen them yet.

Maybe the 10th or so would be a good time to buy one. I've heard that spraying it with bairspray keeps the needles on longer but maybe that's just an urban myth
In my experience,a fresh tree would last about 2 we only ever got one about a week at most before Christmas. They don't wilt-they dry out and look quite sorry for themselves.
Neither I nor the family have had a real one for years. I think I prefer them, but in my case there's only me at my address so I tend to put up a few token items at most. A tree doesn't make the list.
we always had a real one.. I love the smell of a real tree :o)

but a few years a go, I fell for a red tree (fake, obviously!) with little white lights, so that's what we have.

but my daughter has decided she's bored of it now, so not sure what's happening this year!
We always had a real one, but after almost keeling over 2 years ago over the price of them, I caved and we bought a fake one. Apart from the smell of real ones, I don't miss them, and I certainly don't miss the prices!
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Growing up, we always had a fake one but last year I was given a real tree from an event that the company I work for produced. It was the first real tree I ever had. It was the icing on the cake as far as decorating for Christmas goes.
Fake. Had enough of trying to get pine needles out of our cream carpet.

Bought an upside down one last year - things hang better if you see what i mean ...

I always have fake, the gaudier the better. We had a shocking pink one and a black one until last year when I caved and bought a green one. If I can't get a new decent gaudy one this year then I won't bother with one at all.
Oooo no venator, that's just wrong, the baubles do hang better, I'll give you that, but it just looks so wrong!
We always have a real one. I will buy it next weekend while there's still a good choice at the garden centre, and stand it in our garden with the netting on in a bucket of water after cutting a cross in the base of the trunk. Then it goes into the living room the week after (after a good shake). It's worth it, it smells lovely on a morning when we come downstairs... Get a stand where you can keep watering the tree.
Fake tree combined with silver fir essential oil smell of a real tree but no dropped needles

WARNING don't use pine essential oil even though it is easier to find or your house will smell like a toilet...
That's a cracking idea, Rowan - I'll Google/Amazon/eBay some right now.
no amount of essential oil will fool anyone into thinking my red tree is real ;o)
Real ones are definitely the best, if not just for the lovely smell. We always had a real tree when we were kids, made Christmas even more magical. I just have a fibre optic one now, but it's lovely and I love it !

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Real or fake..........

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