Epidemiology 101

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jim360 | 22:58 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Science
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A highly relevant video providing a hopefully easily watchable introduction to how to model disease spread.

NB: plenty of disclaimers from the video poster himself. Toy models only. But still highly informative.


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Will have a look as soon as the film on TV finishes :-)
thank you Jim
I watched Contagion last night - pretty prescient about what we're going through 8 years later. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow died very vigorously.
Very interesting. Shows that government may well have some things right, but a central hub of a supermarket (which is now necessary to visit almost every day to try to find things others have stickpiled, or get enough for the whole family) is counterproductive.

The benefit of early detection if isolated can be enforced looks valuable and suggests many more test kits are necessary. But fining folk for staying isolated from others in their car didn't even seem to figure, nor giving out tickets for chalking up "safety" distance zones.

But by and large it's pretty much what one would expect. And the risk of elongating the 'at risk' period for the public seems almost unavoidable until there is a decent treatment/vaccine/whatever.
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Another highly relevant video.

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Epidemiology 101

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