This *** Virus And Microwave

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Ric.ror | 19:30 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Science
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I’m just wondering if I touch something contaminated with gloves would the virus be killed if I microwaved the gloves

I often microwave cleaning clothes - as well as washing of course


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and since the hairdryer's in use, dry your hair in the microwave :-)
16:11 Thu 26th Mar 2020
I honestly dont know the answer, but could you leave the gloves in a box with a lid on, which you keep outside? Pop them in there before you come indoors.
...or put them in the washing machine. You might need to buy more gloves though.
Wear a second pair over the first pair?
Or use those disposable thin gloves- you can still use touch screens with those on
I wonder if the virus would survive in a freezer overnight?
Does anybody know?
I'm wondering if I'm far too lackadaisical about all of this based on what other ABers are worrying about. I've certainly been washing my hands regularly but wouldn't dream about worrying about contaminated gloves, opening amazon parcels etc and getting sprayed by the breath of a dog walker :-)
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It was just a thought - as I said I often microwave clean cloths - even potting compost once
I figured the waves would kill anything
I would just put them in bleach. If you have any.
Do you really microwave clothes?
That is something I've never heard of or considered doing.
Couldn't think of anything more bizarre
Likewise oz!
i'm considering asking my doris to give my nightshirt a quick microwave while i'm getting undressed ...

It is the heat rather than the waves that kills bugs when you microwave a cloth. I suspect heat would kill the virus too if it was hot enough.

I recall a warning issued not too long ago about microwaving cloths when someone set fire to their kitchen.
Microwaves do work for sponges and cloths in terms of killing some viruses (but not germs). This article below must have been written before Covid as it's not mentioned.

Possibly one of the most bizarre threads I’ve ever seen on here.
Given that a lot of people use their microwave to clean dishcloths, me included, it seems quite reasonable to question whether it would kill the virus.
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I of course mean dish cloths
For my clothes I just stick the hairdryer down the legs of jeans and the arms of t-shirts to take the chill off
and since the hairdryer's in use, dry your hair in the microwave :-)
Likewise Prudie.

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This *** Virus And Microwave

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