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Engine Oil

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Bazile | 21:46 Fri 22nd Jun 2018 | Science
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Just wondering

I know that used engine oil is carcinogenic
So , if for example you were working on a car and your hands was smeared / had used engine oil on it .
You then ate food using your bare hands without washing your hands / or washing them properley

Would that be enough to cause a problem , in the future ?



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Anything is possible no matter how remote if you work with something often and don't follow good practice.
If you swallow oil it won't give you lung cancer but it won't do you any good. You have to breathe a carcinogen. Why not wash your hands?
nope you are okay for the once or twice. The prob in used lubs is the pcb..... If you are a mechanic, then yes you should wear gloves.

Useless info - best (or worst) disposal I have heard of is in Argentina where they use it as a bbq fuel - gives the steak a certain piquancy and no wonder Messi et al are a shade of their past teammates and themselves.

Best disposal is into a waste generator for tricity where it will be burnt at 2000C with residency of >4 secs, the clinker then holds the nasties and that's locked into concrete such as for motorway barriers and kerbs.
johnk "you have to breathe a carcinogen" Not true.
Question Author
I've seen people with used engine oily hands , handling and eating food , hence my question
Yes they do and I've employed them and given them a rocket - they stopped doing it.
you gave them lettuce mamya :-) ? lol

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Engine Oil

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