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Flat earth

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MargeB | 16:41 Fri 23rd Sep 2005 | Science
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Some scentists say the earth is round, some not. Do we have anything beyond a 'theory' that shows it is not flat? I have driven many many miles, and it just seems to keep on going, flat as ever. Even when I'm in a plane, I look down, and it looks like a flat thing, not the supposed 'egg shape' that so called 'intelectals' have made up.


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Look out everyone Marge is on the old flat earth drugs again!
Yes and if the earth was round surely all of the water would flow down to the bottom and fall off. Taking Australia with it.

One of the first proofs was that as a ship sails out to sea you first loose sight of the bottom part and then the mast as it goes over the horizon.

You need better eyesight than mine of course

the world must be flat because ever since i can remember people travel to the four corners of the globe as spheres don't have corners logically it follows the world must be flat to have corners
I think you'll find the weight of evidence suggests the earth is Snickers shaped.

Wrong, Waldo.

I think you will find it is Marathon shaped.

No it used to be Marathon shaped but now it's Snickers shaped

Speaking of which;

Who says the yanks don't do irony?

And the moon is shaped like a topic - but the light gets distorted as it enters the atmosphere of the earth.

I have just realised how the mars bar got its name!!!!!

Question Author
kags that is absolutely priceless
its definately flat cos otherwise the people in Australia would be upside down
round, that would explain why when i go on an all day pub crawl the further i get, the harder it is to stand up !.

Th world is round of course. The reason why people in Australia stay glued to the ground is because of Gravity. Although they all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round, he was completely right. THE WORLD IS ROUND.

Question Author
ru u sure about that. it looks flat from here. and kags has presented evidence that it is flat

Welcome JohnnyGus, and thank you for confirming the two-dimensional attribute of our Mother Earth.

See, we have it confirmed, the Earth is round, not spherical. Evidence here.

JohnnyGus, Chistopher Columbus proved that the Earth is flat, hence Indians in America.
I know its round as I've seen a photo, and cameras never lie

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Flat earth

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