MM and KM Links October 2010 [Week 3]

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crofter | 18:00 Fri 15th Oct 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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We are now well into October and I must thank those who remembered my 66th birthday (I try to forget the annual event ~ what’s in a number?). The week in Tenerife was just what the doctor ordered, however I now face the task of playing “AnswerBank” catch-up ~ and when that requires catching up with Strix, that is no mean task! There are many very interesting people taking part in MM Links, but none more complex as our good friend Strix. He has had enough happening in his life to fill several lifetimes.


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I have set myself a minimum target of getting the scores correct after the first two weeks. Unfortunately, I only have a PhD in Mathematics & Statistics and that is insufficient to work out how the numerical side of Strix’s brain functions (if such a creature exists). As far as I can determine, the “scores on the doors” should look something like:
6 POINTS: Aquagility, owllady & roslyn251254
4 POINTS: grannydi, evsajo, jan1956, ulysses100 & patchett
3 POINTS: slaney
2 POINTS: tearinghear, centrino, wickedtongue, teacher1, cliffyg, boxtops, barb7771, Grenmus, kawakiri, rockfordill, Magyar, gen2, Elspeth & jools
1 POINT: Mr Ont-ice, joto, Jim, handbaglady, x-ray, mirandasmum, deecee and sarumite
If you take issue with any of these scores, please reply in the space below ~ otherwise I shall take them as being correct!

You can expect service as usual and games in the accepted format with the channel of communication opening on AB tomorrow at 08.45am and the four words to be linked should be posted at 9.00am, when MM Links kicks off in earnest. Remember ~ early MM hits gain bonus points!

As usual, I ask that you should also look out for the international version of this same game which is called KM Links and kicks off at a very early hour (which is difficult to predict precisely). Consequently, the timing of your posting is deemed to be irrelevant ~ only the number of hits you are able to register will affect your score. The regular organiser of KM Links comes all the way from Oz ( Roo-land) and is my good friend, “seekeerz”. She is truly the “Wizard-ess of Oz”.

Until we meet tomorrow, may I wish you ~ “Happy Linking”!

Welcome back Crofter
glad you had a good break and a happy birthday
as you say it is a job catching up after you have been away
"Strix’s brain functions (if such a creature exists)"

Please, crofter, can you tell me which of these you think, possibly, exists - brain or Strix?

It has been a worry to, solipsistic, me for many a year.
Glad you enjoyed your week in Tenerife and hope you feel better for the change. Catching up with Strix is a mammoth task I hope you succeed!!!
quiet tonight
raining here
I believe my score is 2.
1 for dovetail joint in week 1 and 1 for donkey cart in week 2.
Not that it will make any difference in the final reckoning. R.
I grovel, mirandasmum, you are quite correct.

I will now go and hide beneath my stone yet again.

Woe , woe is me...............
Welcome back crofter ... but I certainly don't envy your task in coming to terms with the hotchpotch left you by our strigiform incumbent ;O)

No offence intended Strix me old china!!

Cheers (S)
Glad you enjoyed your break crofter and happy birthday. I think that you'll need doctorates in quantum mechanics, rocket science and the theory of relativity in order to sort everything out, although my big zero will not come into the reckoning!
Catching a Strix !! ?? - crofter, you'll need a VERY big butterfly net and another week in Tenerife to recover !! [I'm so glad I live so far away !! ]

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MM and KM Links October 2010 [Week 3]

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