MM and KM Links October 2009 [Week 2]

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crofter | 19:04 Fri 09th Oct 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Evening AB Linkers, everywhere!

I better come clean from the very beginning! Although (at times) I feel more like a recycled teenager, today I reached a notable milestone in the journey of man ~ I have reached the tender age of 65 years. I am officially a pensioner ~ but I have chosen to play it low key. My thanks go to those very good AB friends who have remembered, but for those who enjoy a Friday tipple and know what TGIF stands for, please raise an extra glass in celebration! To mark this event, I hope to launch Dragonfly Quiz V in time for Christmas 2009 and (DV) host the AGM 2010 for all you MM Linkers.

Last week, the October Links were set by the stalwart Queen Christiana who surprised me with her occupations (both past and present). You may ask, “How did she spend her formative years?” If I gave each of you 100 guesses, I doubt if anyone would get even close! As I have often said, you are an amazing bunch of characters and we have been brought together by our shared interest in the cryptic to form a unique fellowship. About ten days ago, I saw a question posed on AB by Dustybun. I immediately dropped what I was doing to answer her query! I think we each would behave in the same way!


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If all goes according to plan, her introductory launch should open at 8.45am and her four words to be linked should be declared at 9.00am tomorrow, when MM Links kicks off in earnest. You should also look out for Steff (aka seekeerz). She hails from Down Under and is our very own “Wizardess of Oz” and she organises the international version of the same game, which is called KM Links. Although it kicks off at an earlier hour, there are no penalties for entering your predictions at a later time. Both games remain open for most of the weekend and all entries are scored and entered on to master scoreboards. Newcomers are always welcome!

Me? I’m crofter and I keep the scores for the MM Links Game. Until we meet up tomorrow, may I wish you “Good Luck” and “Happy Linking”!

evening crofter and all
Congratulations crofter! As one who got there last year, I can thoroughly recommend it!
I am not sure congratulations is the right word for your new status, crofter, but Happy Birthday.
tearinghair that, of mine, was written before I had read your's - no criticism implied!! :-((
Happy Birthday Crofter - I Got there last year too tearinghair, but I started going backwards this year. :-))
None taken, Strix, no problem! But it does have advantages.....
Many Happy returns Crofter and many of them
I am sure we can manage a glass or two for you
Happy birthday Crofter!!
lots of love
Barbara ;o))
Good evening everyone - and congratulations to Crofter on reaching the tender age of 65.....I can just about remember that milestone in my life. It does have some advantages as tearinghair said .....more time to spare, in fact I don't how I ever found time to go to work.
Evening all... Very many Congratulations Crofter. I obviously have a very long time to catch up yet...but let us know how it feels to travel with a bus pass!
Party time in the shrubbery I think!
Happy Birthday Crofter, hope you have had a good day xx
What's this, Pauline? Ignorance of the bus? We've all seen you on the back seat snogging. Can't remember if it was Reg or sarumite?
Happy birthday Crofter!!!

Wish you all the best, have a drink on me.

Enjoy yourself, Wendyxx
The last bus I went on was open at the back!...and had conductors!
Was it a trolley bus Pauline?
Was this written for you, Pauline?
Barbara, are you suggesting "our" Pauline was a trolley dolly?
A tram Barbara..:-))

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MM and KM Links October 2009 [Week 2]

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