MM Links Solutions July 2010 [Week 1]

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crofter | 18:59 Sun 04th Jul 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Well, not many of you can complain about the awarding of points, as King John (aka rockfordill) created a situation in which plenty of points were distributed among the many entrants (almost 50 took part in this bumper week and only 13 of these failed to score). His chosen links were:

Cuckoo CLOCK

I thought that “Cuckoo Clock” was a little too obvious, but the reference in the preamble about swifts returning every year like CLOCKWORK warranted its inclusion.



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I hate to say it but the Early BIRDS had a field day with all four links going with the first seven entrants (when the clock read only 09.02). Furthermore, early entries were so rapid that the first twenty qualified for bonus points. First to fly the KITE MARK was Dinkypuzzled (again) for TWO POINTS. His success was repeated over time (and within time) by Grenmus, gen2, beejay1124, jan1956 & centrino.

The next link word to go was CUCKOO CLOCK (doubled up with Kite Mark) when Dustybun clocked up FOUR POINTS! She was immediately followed by paulineward with BOMBAY DUCK (doubled up with Kite Mark) and finally tearinghair (Entrant #7) with HAWK MOTH (doubled up with the ubiquitous Kite Mark) ~ each earning FOUR POINTS. With all four links spotted, the scene was set for some spectacular results.
Question Author
SIX POINTS for early triple hits were soon bagged by both Aquagility (a recent Champion) and owllady (a champion in the making?). Double bonuses were also picked up by lysander, cliffyg & patchett and slaney was just in time to score two points before the time windows closed. Thereafter, single points were picked up by 12 entrants, among which Elspeth, jobjockey, mirandasmum, joto & x-ray deserve special mention for their double hits (each containing the link Cuckoo Clock).

Although several players scored an impressive number of points, none could match (or surpass) the incredible opening scores of Aquagility & owllady. I therefore submit that these two should share the coveted title of JOINT HOT SHOTS OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***

The League Table after this first week is:

SIX POINTS: Aquagilty & owllady
FOUR POINTS: cliffyg, Dustybun, lysander, patchett, paulineward & tearinghair
TWO POINTS: beejay1124, centrino, Dinkypuzzled, Elspeth, gen2, Grenmus, jan1956, jobjockey, joto, mirandasmum, slaney & x-ray
Twelve others are on ONE POINT.

I have spoken to rockfordill, and he is very concerned at being so transparent and haemorrhaging so many points at his first attempt. He is determined next week to “get tough”. My money’s on the early birds of Linkland!

For now, this is crofter signing off.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Roslyn - so sorry you missed out this week - when I
sent my best wishes to you early saturday I already
knew that you were in freefall but of course could not
say anything!!

As Crofter says, next week should suit you better as I
am determined that it should be a bit tougher !

And many congratulations to those early 6 pointers

Have a good week

King John (aka Rockfordill)
Thanks King John and Crofter.
Obviously still not on anyone's wavelength but at least Mr. O clocked one. So trumpets are sounding and canons roaring in Chez Ont-ice. Might as well celebrate, eh?
Wow, I got one right - after how many weeks of trying?! Thanks crofter, my Bombay Duck came up trumps at last!
Aha, your Majesty! A clever ploy indeed, to lull us peasants into a false sense of security so you can wallop us for tythes and taxes next week!! Bring it on! Encore! encore!

Well done owllady and Aquagility and thank you crofter ~ you and your abacus must have run out of beads, fingers AND toes this week! :0)
Thank you for the links King J and Crofter. I must do better next week, since the following two weeks we are in Malta and unable to compete! I bet you are glad week 1 has passed smoothly1
Free falling this week...nothing new then.
Well done to owllady and aquagility.
Congrats to all the points scorers.
Thanks to King John and crofter.
Thanks Your Majesty and Crofter, and well done to everyone. Will have to sharpen wits for next week by the sound of things!
you bet I am glad that week one is over - I had my
moments but Crofter was such a great help - I
have learned to do things like cut and paste which
previously were beyond me !!!

You and John have a great hol in Malta
Thanks King John and crofter, and congratulations to Aquagility and Owllady.
Sounds as if it will be tougher next weekend - looking forward to it.
Have a good week everybody and enjoy the summer while it lasts.
thanks crofter well done aq and all point scorers
day off next sat (at the moment) hope to do better
Thankyou for the kind words crofter. I am amazed that I did so well,pure luck
Thanks Crofter and King John.
Looking forward to next week's challenge.

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MM Links Solutions July 2010 [Week 1]

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