MM Links Solutions September 2008 [Week 3]

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crofter | 19:04 Sun 21st Sep 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This third week in the reign of King Wickedtongue went back to a healthy rate of scoring with plenty of bonus points for being first (or within two minutes of a first successful prediction). Following a theme of Newspapers, I can now reveal his chosen links were:

ORIENT Express
Mirror IMAGE

But who scored the points?



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The very first two to register their predictions scored double hits! First was x-ray with MIRROR IMAGE (a favourite with many people) and SUN SHINE (what�s that?) to score FOUR POINTS> He was immediately followed by sarumite withMAIL ORDER and MIRROR IMAGE (again) for another FOUR POINTS. Also quick off the mark was merched with yet another double hit within the time limit!

Other two pointers at this early stage of the game were Grenmus, centrino, Dustybun & miss meg. By 09.08, those arriving later were eligible for single points with a long string of lucky entrants. HOWEVER, tucked in amongst them was burgess to pick up the last link with ORIENT EXPRESS and SUN SHINE to score THREE POINTS and show his sister Kay and niece Nicky how the game should be played! (Will there be murder on the Orient Express tomorrow?)

There followed more points with single and double hits, but worthy of mention were two entrants with triple hits! These were our regular HOT SHOTS OF THE WEEK in Shazza & Magyar. Well done to you both!
*** Let drums roll and trumpets sound ***
*** Let there be rejoicing near and far ***

I would also like to welcome new-comer Rumbling who made TWO HITS at their first attempt! Finally there was a point scored by Mr O. (a rare event indeed!)
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The League Table after this third week is:

EIGHT POINTS: centrino & ulysses100
SIX POINTS: Shazza & Grenmus
FIVE POINTS: cliffyg, Dustybun, freebi 2, Magyar & roslyn
FOUR POINTS: burgess, Eiggam, fordward, merched, miss meg, patchett & sarumite

Next week will be the last lap to determine the September Links Champion, who will select the Links throughout the month of October. There�s still hope for several of you, so here�s inviting you all to turn next Saturday and accept the challenge of King Wickedtongue to predict his MM Link Words!

Until then, this is crofter signing off for another week.
See you next week: Same time � Same place

Until then: HAPPY LINKING!

Question Author
Sorry about the bold type!

Blame it on Grenmus
Thank you crofter for your usual analysis, and congratulations to all those who scored points this week. I got nul points this week but have managed to stay at the top. Will I be pipped at the post (again) ? Let's see next weekend !
A rare event indeed, Crofter, and worthy of your praise.
Thanks to Wickedtongue and your good self.
Perhaps next week another rare event might occur if Mrs O were to score.
Alas and alack. We're still claiming the boogie prize.
Congrats to all who could read Wickedtongue's clues. They are better men than we are Gunga Din!
Oi !! crofter don't you go blaming me for your forgotten < /b >.
Thanks for the abacus work, I am working slowly up to a grand finish next week.
Question Author
You've got broad shoulders Grenmus!


Thanks Wickedtongue for good words, just a pity you don't think the same as me!!!(does anyone!!!)
Thank you too Crofter, I am sure it was just a fluke that Burgess managed to score. I usually have to help him with his quizzes and cryptic crosswords!!!!! Perhaps his wife helped him yesterday.!!!
I don't think i have any points this month so next week I will try a new method......I will stay in bed all day!!!!!!
Wow! My first points this month have shot me to the bottom of the leader board. Perhaps I should have introduced my cunning plan a bit earlier?
Thanks crofter for your usual high standard of presentation, and well done Shazza and Magyar for claiming the hot shot mantles this week.
Thanks also to wickedtongue for finally returning the favours I afforded him in August!! :O)
Well I was rubbish again....this is wicked!! the true sense of the word!.... :-((
Thanks crofter and Wickedtongue.
Another lucky week for me - getting in early paid off Congratulations to this weeks hot shots.
Looks like an exciting finish to the month next weekend.
Hope you all have a good week - see you Friday

Knew it was too good to be true - back to zip points for me !! Oh well, there's always next week.

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MM Links Solutions September 2008 [Week 3]

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