Mark's cryptic film quiz

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Noose | 14:27 Fri 02nd Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help with the film title from these cryptic clues.
11. Short while for cash
13. I am not in scream
18. What was it about the virgin?
21. Bedford devil's location warbling
24. Buffy might enjoy one
25. Yes I remember it well
29. Nicholson at no cost
40. Gardener cutting grass
55. I think you'll need a tank to break that habit
56. It's worth acting serious

Thank You


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18 Something about Mary
40 Lawnmower man
Mo' Money
29 - Freejack
25 - Total Recall
24 Interview with a vampire
24 - Interview With The Vampire
21 - Van Helsing
13 The Mask?
55 - 200 cigarettes?
13. Shrek (shriek minus i)
21 Van helsing
24 Vampire Kiss
25 Total recall
29 Free Jack
40 the Lawnmower man
Please could you tell me where you can get hold of one of these quizzes,thanks.
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You can find these quizzes in
18 There's something about Mary
40 Lawnmower Man

My brain hurts

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Mark's cryptic film quiz

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