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MM Links - September - Week 2

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JoolsTwo | 09:46 Sat 08th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Well here I am into my second week as 'Crown Jools' and I have had a busy week. I had to work Monday and Tuesday this week and then on Wednesday I went shopping. I found a lovely outlet shop 'Marks and Spencers' at Thurrock Lakeside, a bit of a trek from here in Suffolk but worth it. I have bought several new tops, 2 new pairs of trousers and a couple of skirts. All at below the normal shop prices. I do love a bargain. As some of you know I have been on a diet since the end of January and have successfully shed about 3 stone now. So I am having to replace my wardrobe (this is the second time). And as I still want to lose about 1 stone more, I'm going to have to go shopping again before next summer. Poor Jim, he is complaining that he has pockets to let, but I think he is enjoying buying them for me really.

Thursday, I had lunch with my sister, a nice girly afternoon, we don't see each other very often as we live too far apart. So it makes it all the more special when we do. It was fun, reminiscing over old times and catching up on family news.

Then Friday, catching up on the housework and shopping again (food this time). Then making sure everything was ready for todays link-words game.

So, where will my links take us this week ? Well, there are plenty of possibilities in there ���or are they all red herrings��.. I will leave you to guess until the stroke of 9.00am.



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CROWN weight
Clothes HORSE

I thought I had missed out as yesterday I was off early marshalling a bike race but I see I have until 9pm this evening - lucky me another chance for nil point!
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Weight enlist .
Sch ......... loss .
New ditty .
Clothes adore .
You actually have only until 7pm to enter this links game because that is when the results are posted.

I sense you were struggling a bit there with your Schloss. How about Loss Hinges?
Thank you Kettledrum for posting my MM links in the right place. Have just discovered my mistake after posting KM links. I hope that this is acceptable to the officials.
Yes Elspeth, Your entry has been recorded and points have been awarded if, and where, appropriate.

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MM Links - September - Week 2

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