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KM Links Game - September week 2

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seekeerz | 06:27 Sat 08th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Lovely day here, so I'll get an early start and get back to the gardening - that way I can be sure of our getting some more rain - fat chance !!!

Starting the second week of what will be a five week comp this month there are four stalwarts sitting on top the leaderboard freebi2, DizzyLizzie, bridgenut & slaney ready to do battle, along with the rest of us with Kate's offering for us this weekend.

Aquagility is still on the loose somewhere - sailing in Turkey - or should that read round it ?? but he's still managing to get to a computer somehow [ and letting fly at people who give him answers when all he wants is clues !! ] so if he should pop up with the link words I wouldn't bat an eyelid, though perhaps the trusty ?? sarumite still in nursing attire maybe ?? will do the honours this morning ??? the mind boggles, but then after a night in the shrubbery with that lot, that's not the only thing !!!!

Now - where was I ??? - yes link words - well, when they appear, courtesy of some kind soul, then everyone can have a crack at matching them, bearing in mind that last week Kate got rather inventive with her ideas so we'd better be on the look out for 'strange & unusual'

Come Monday, we'll all find out how clever we've been or how far off track.

Just a quick reminder - the matching words can have as many letters as you wish [ within reason, of course ] and while welcoming all newcomers, I might just add that everyone gets just one shot at it - subsequent entries do not count.

More to follow - I hope !!


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I need help, please!

Get ready for sailing

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Big thanks in advance

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KM Links Game - September week 2

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