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KM Links Game - September week 2

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seekeerz | 06:27 Sat 08th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Lovely day here, so I'll get an early start and get back to the gardening - that way I can be sure of our getting some more rain - fat chance !!!

Starting the second week of what will be a five week comp this month there are four stalwarts sitting on top the leaderboard freebi2, DizzyLizzie, bridgenut & slaney ready to do battle, along with the rest of us with Kate's offering for us this weekend.

Aquagility is still on the loose somewhere - sailing in Turkey - or should that read round it ?? but he's still managing to get to a computer somehow [ and letting fly at people who give him answers when all he wants is clues !! ] so if he should pop up with the link words I wouldn't bat an eyelid, though perhaps the trusty ?? sarumite still in nursing attire maybe ?? will do the honours this morning ??? the mind boggles, but then after a night in the shrubbery with that lot, that's not the only thing !!!!

Now - where was I ??? - yes link words - well, when they appear, courtesy of some kind soul, then everyone can have a crack at matching them, bearing in mind that last week Kate got rather inventive with her ideas so we'd better be on the look out for 'strange & unusual'

Come Monday, we'll all find out how clever we've been or how far off track.

Just a quick reminder - the matching words can have as many letters as you wish [ within reason, of course ] and while welcoming all newcomers, I might just add that everyone gets just one shot at it - subsequent entries do not count.

More to follow - I hope !!


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I think AB had had enough of my mental meanderings and declined to post all of the preamble, inspite of several attempts, but refused to tell me why - too many letters, of course.

Think that's about it for now, I'm off to get some lunch and will be back for lift - off, so Good Luck everyone, and Good morning to all - trust everyone's well or at least improving [ though I'd like to know just a certain gentleman was doing, playing games at gone 3.00am the other morning - eerrr, yes you !!! ] - nuff said !!! bye for now, S
Good morning Steff ... I've finally arrived having escaped from the shrubbery .. gosh there were some rum goings on in there last night I can tell you!

Anyway back to business, today's link words are:


good luck everyone (S)
Question Author

Outdoor Patio
News Scoop
Tawny Pipit
Harvest Festival
Good morning all. Here are my attempts :

PATIO doors
icecream SCOOP
meadow PIPIT
HARVEST festival
I was on wine S never touch the Rum!

thanks for the links will try:

Patio Door
Ice cream Scoop
Rock Pipit
Harvest Moon

meadow pipit
scoop wheel
patio door
harvest moon
patio heater
icecream scoop
tawny pipit
harvest moon
Question Author

morning sarumite and thank you - yes I heard about last night, wild one had by all, so it seems - not expecting too many early risers today. Your ensemble was very fetching, I thought.!!
Hi and thanks for the link words . Here goes .
Patio Chairs
Poop Scoop
Meadow Pipit
Harvest Festival
Thanks ,sarumite

Patio Door
Scoop Neck
Meadow Pipit
Harvest Festival
paved patio
scoop neck
harvest mouse
pipit lark

Good Luck
patio furniture
meadow pipit
harvest moon
scoop neck
If you mean it was me Steff who was playing games, I admit it ! It was one of those sleepless occasions after a coughing fit but, as you can see I'm a relatively late entrant this morning which means that I had some good sleep last night.. I've now pulled a muscle in my back from all that coughing which doesn't help matters (in fact it hurts like hell) but as I go into week six the situation is now resolving (praise the Lord!).
Thanks Steff ... glad you think it suited me !! ☺ I will try :

Harvest SPIDER
Patio garden

Scoop shovel

Harvest Mouse

Tree Pipit

Hi all and Good Luck!
Scoop NECK
Harvest MOUSE
Question Author

got it in one, ulysses, though I thought I'd leave out the name!
figured that might be the case, the other night, sometimes it's hard to settle again, - at least you retired undefeated !! I'm not game to even have a look, I'd finish up glued to it.

Sorry to hear you've added to the problem - torn muscles are a 'killer' any time, but while you're trying to cough - ouch !!
Meadow pipit
Patio heater
Harvest moon
Scoop theatre
Patio Process
Scoop Bonnet
Tree Pipit
Harvest Mite
Morning al - I'm going with ; -

Patio - HEATER
NEWS - Scoop
MEADOW - ipit
Harvest - FESTIVAL

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KM Links Game - September week 2

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