MM Links Game June 2007 Week 5

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gen2 | 09:45 Sat 30th Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is my concluding opportunity to tease you.
This is your last chance to second-guess me.
I assume you've enjoyed it, or shall we take a vote on it?
This week I have more questions than answers for you.
Tennis featured as last week's theme. Did you know that it derived from 'Real' Tennis which was a sort of wall sport with some features of squash?

And did 'Sheriff' stump you last week?
Will Blair's legacy feature in this ultimate week?
Did Omar have a part to play in the entire Saddam fiasco?
Will becoming a Peace Envoy create record calm?
Will we now have the 'Blair Witch Diaries'?
I recently came across a young man of 29 who ran in a film and a book. He too was found in hiding keeping a log and diary of events. How weird is that? He could even spook Lily.

I must go now and do some baking for my mother's birthday on Sunday. I cannot ice it hot out of the oven so it will have to cool first and it will need to be big enough to support 1010011 candles! Hopefully, my brother will be joining us coming from Tavistock near the river Tamar in Devon.

This is the end. Good luck to you all.

You now have 15 minutes to analyse the above before my words to link with are posted below.



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Question Author
The rules are the same as before on word length. Each of my chosen link words contains at least four letters and at most eight letters. Stray outside this range and you�ll be wasting one of your attempts! The rules were explained in more detail 3 weeks ago by crofter 'The Guardian of the Scores' on this link: zles/Question417465.html

The competition will officially close on Sunday Evening at 7.00pm when crofter will declare my selected words and then apply the same rules of awarding points that have been applied during the MM Link Games in the past.

My Fifth and final set of four words should appear below at 9.00am and you are invited to predict what I have chosen as the missing links. There is as usual a theme to the four words I will post but there is NO theme to the words I have chosen to go with them, so anything goes.

Question Author
Continuing the theme of Wimbledon Fortnight,

I gen2 challenge you to predict my chosen links to the following words:


Good luck!
here's my attempt
wheat straw
logan berry
double cream
caraway seed
Morning all.

straw POLL
cream SODA
seed CAKE

Good luck
straw poll
logan berry
cream cake
mustard seed
LAST straw
seed PEARL

Morning all I am early today as I am off out

Straw Boater
Chuck Berry
Clotted Cream
Seed cake
Morning all

STRAW boater

straw BERRY

dairy CREAM

SEED tray
LOGAN berry
cream CAKE
straw hats

Devon cream
seed cake

Good Luck

here goes nothing !!

Straw bonnet
Blue berry
Cream cheese
Seed Pearls

thanks for the brain overload, gen2
For what it's worth!!!!


I won't hold my breath!!!
Good morning

Straw Poll
Black berry
Cream Cracker
Seed Plot
straw ballot
chuck berry
cream cheese
seed potato
STRAW coloured
whipped CREAM
mustard SEED
Many thanks for an interesting month's selection of link words . Here goes :-
Straw Bale
Black Berry
Clotted Cream
Seed Drill
Jools choices

LAST - Straw
BLACK -Berry
FACE - Cream
good morning

Straw Weight
Black Berry
Clotted Cream
Seed Cake
Morning All, thanks Gen for the last 5 weeks, here goes:
Straw Poll
Rasp berry
Clotted Cream
Seed Cake
Jim's choices

Straw - BALE
WILD - Berry
BIRD - Seed

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MM Links Game June 2007 Week 5

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