MM & KM Links July 2007 [Week 1}

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crofter | 20:48 Fri 06th Jul 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Tomorrow will bring the first day in the reign of Queen Christiana (aka Jackie) and she was so intent on winning, that she forgot what winning the title brings responsibilities. I have absolutely no idea what tomorrow will bring ~ so I'll be standing by just in case. Not only does she break the male dominance in the latest sequence of winners, but it is always nice when someone who was reared in the shrubbery is promoted to an exalted position.

We have been fortunate in having some great MM Champions and not least gen2, who kept everyone guessing for many a week before the chosen few began to read between the lines! I am sure that Christiana will grow into the part and bring credit to the Shrubbery Squad!

For anyone new to the Link games, now is a good time to start since tomorrow brings the start of two brand new Links games ~ MM and KM! The first to kick off is KM at about 7.30-ish tomorrow morning. It is organised by seekeerz all the way from Oz. The idea is to try to predict the link words of Herculis (as many hits as possible and as early as possible).

This is followed at 9.00 by the MM Game, where the links are selected by Christiana , who was last month's MM Champion (with a score for the month of June of TEN points)! Games close at appropriate times on Sunday and all entries are scored!

About 50 ABers enter each week and it's just a bit of harmless fun!
Newcomers are welcome!

Me? I'm crofter the scorer and record keeper!

Play fair & "HAPPY LINKING!"



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Ho, crofter. How can one play unfair? I've been trying to find a way since the games started.
Question Author
Aquagility If there IS a way, then YOU'LL find it ~
with a little bit of luck!
Hello Crofter, it will be quiet tonight as Pauline is away!!!
Hello Allibobs,
Shush, I don't want Crofter to know I'm here - reared in the shrubbery, elevated - what does he mean? Everyone knows we're the creme de la creme.
Is Sarumite still away - I miss his little skirmishes? And his disguises. And his cunning plans. Not that I'd tell him that.
Yes sarumite is still away, but should be back next week.

And Christiana, Will there be any lines to read between this month? +++(he asked hopefully)+++
Ah, now that would be telling wouldn't it!
Hi Chritiana--good luck for tomorrow. Glad to see a lady is back in charge--the men do try, but they haven't got the class have they! And they are still miffed that a lady was the first winner--they hate to be beaten ;O)
All the best
Ooops I missed out an S--sorry Christiana
Hi Christiana, good luck for tomorrow, O my, elevated indeed and Gen how could you ask for clues, you never gave any away! Its going to be quiet tonight without Pauline and Sarumite. See you all tomorrow.
You're so right, Barbara, it takes class to spend the night in theshrubbery, eating marmite and honey sandwiches, drinking whatever comes along, coping with Sarumite's weird disguises, not to mention the plastic macs, rubber gloves etc. and still surface bright eyed and bushy tailed on Saturday, ready for the links.
Oh dear, I never used to frighten everyone away - I'm not too sure about this 'queen' lark. Good night all.
Good morning (3:30am your time), all you sleepy heads.
Christiana we are looking forward to the 'woman's touch.' Maybe we'll actually rack up a couple of points. We're sitting at the bottom of the totem pole at the moment.
Good luck to you as your reign begins.
Here ye, here ye, all bow to HM Queen Christiana.

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MM & KM Links July 2007 [Week 1}

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