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crofter | 21:18 Fri 08th Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Well, the second week of the reign of gen2 is upon us and I (foolishly) promised to have a go at setting out the Rules of the Links Games (time permitting)! Very briefly, we pay homage to gen2 as the Laird of the Links simply because he scored more points than anyone else playing MM throughout the Month of May. His reward? He gets to set four words every Saturday morning (at 9.00 am) for the current month and we need to predict his link words that he has chosen in the style of the TV game of "Blankety Blank".

Each Entrant tries to predict his four links and each effort is scored according to a set of rules. To make things a little easier, predictions are limited in length of words (4 to 8 letters please). How are points awarded?



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One Point for each correct prediction.

One Bonus Point for being the FIRST person to make a correct prediction.

A plural or a word generically equivalent to the correct prediction also counts as a HIT and scores the Point.
[The Rule of Equivalence]
So, for example, if the correct link to PHONE is CALL, then also acceptable is CALLS CALLER, CALLING etc

Any Entrant that makes the SAME correct prediction within two minutes of the FIRST person to make that prediction will also receive a Bonus Point.
[The Two-minute Rule]

Any Entrant making all FOUR correct predictions will score SIX Points (quite apart from any Bonus Points for being FIRST to predict any of those correct hits).

No two Entrants may submit identical sets of four predictions.

Any Entrant may repeat earlier predictions and there is no requirement to be original with at least one prediction.

So, after camping out in the shrubbery last weekend, most of you couldn't think beyond your own

back yard - shame on you. This week, shall I come into town to meet you? or will you have to

come out into the country to meet me? Maybe we'll meet half-way - here maybe? h/pubguide/halfwayhouse.html
and we can all celebrate the points you are going to win tomorrow.

I've set up the first round of drinks, but I'm not stopping in case I let slip something I

shouldn't whilst under the influence. Sl�inte Mhath! Help yourselves from here . . .

Question Author
Zero scores carry no stigma and may be considered as a badge of honour (rather like a duelling scar)!

There is a Sister Links Game attributed to KM (Kate Mepham of the Herculis Crossword DT) which is organised by seekeerz all the way from Oz. Why MM and KM as our titles? Well that�s another story!

KM will kick-off tomorrow at about 7.00am(!) and this is followed at 9.00am by the MM Games and Bonus Points are eagerly sought. Both Games close at appropriate times on Sunday and all entries are scored!

About 50 ABers enter each week and Newcomers are welcome!

�Good Luck� for tomorrow and ...
... Remember PRESTONPANS!

Pressed on pans ~ What happen when Pauline tried to multitask whilst doing the ironing and the washing up at the same time!
Sorry to interrupt crofter. I didn't expect more than a Half Tester from you. Are you going for the full Four Poster?

See you tomorrow. don't know the half of what we women have to do!!! sking_woman.jpg

...Only I'm not THAT odd looking.....I'm worse!!!
Now that IS what I call multi-tasking Pauline !! :O)
And that's with my eyes shut Sarumite!!!
gen2 .. are you sure that you left a round of drinks at the bar?? I couldn't find mine, so have set up a ' tab' for you, Cheers hic! hic! :O) (S)
There were 59 there when I left. Were there none remaining for you sarumite? Pauline must have drunk the lot then ! ! !

The next round's on her then.
What a brilliant picture, Pauline - and so true!. Only one thing is lacking - the extra hand to quaff the wine with! So put down soup, baby, iron etc and sally forth - what will it be - no not the drink - shrubbery or half way house?
...any!...hic!..weren't they all for me then gen2?...hic....ooohhh I feel ill!!!!!
As I awol last week, propping up a bar in Jersey...can anyone give me a few tips on how gen2 thinks...promise I won't tell him!! Were his links 'normal'??
love the picture pauline, had a good time in kent. I am well refreshed ready to do battle. No half measures gen2 make ours doubles! 0TENNIS%20PRO%20GUIDE%20V%201.2P_fichiers/Doub lesR.jpg
Some people just can't take their drink .. perhaps you had better take Pauline to the rest room Christiana ?
well pauline I am not saying it was difficult but without your mistic meg bit nobody got full points
Sorry Jan .. looks like Men Only ! :O)
What and miss the party, Sarumite? Besides I think she's recovering - any superwoman who can multi-task like her ahs a quick recovery time! Besides can't you see the glint in her eye.
Just one question Pauline - what counts as normal with this lot?
Welcome back Jan!! Glad you had a good time. Resume the chess over the weekend perhaps?

Let's hope it's not 'love' tomorrow for us both, and that it is game set and match!
yes if we can find the chess I'll have to look for it

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