MM Links Game June 2007 Week 4

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gen2 | 09:45 Sat 23rd Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Welcome once again to the MM Links Game

Lately, my son has been planning a big trip to America   for this summer and booking it has been made so   much easier using the computer and Google.
I believe he wants to see some of the Wild West and find   out if any of the stories he has read of the old style   justice system are false or not.
Naturally, I sincerely hope I don't hear he's got caught by   the local badge-holder doing something stupid just to   test the system.
Eventually he hopes to end up in California and visit San   Francisco but that worries me because of its proximity   to San Andreas (remember 1906?).

Though he hopes to keep in touch by email, he has   promised to find time to write a few lines to his old Gran   who cannot work a computer.
(Rather doubt if she'd have room for one in her care-   home even if she could.)
Unless he can arrange more time off his job, this will all   have to be fitted into less than 3 weeks.
Each of you will now have 15 minutes to contemplate   your navel before the link words are posted.



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centre court
Nett ball
Double fault
Love game
sorry late to day
wimbledon weather has arrived
court circular
net income
vertical fault
love apple
Jool's selection

COUNTY - Court
HAIR - Net
TIME - Fault
Love - BIRD(S)

Jim's selection

Court - CASE
FOOT - Fault
Love - NEST
Court tisane .
Cabby net .
Fault knocks .
Handing love .
swannbaker - assuming none of your answers are correct, I think you should at least get recognition for 'thinking outside the box' !

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MM Links Game June 2007 Week 4

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