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davelumpy | 09:13 Fri 02nd Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone think the movie names for the following 2 questions in a cryptic Movie quiz that is driving us to maddness.:

1, Become Denser

2, History of Cheese



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here are a couple more that we need help on Thanks for all help so far been great.

3. Travel a long way

4. a part of the leg

5. Really fed up

1. I think this was answered previously as Dumber and Dumber
Whoops, this should have been dumb and dumber - wouldn't have bothered if i'd known there were all those previous answers but nothing showed up on the front page
4 . My Left Foot
Claire's Knee
The Shin ing
Kathy Pat Ella and Jean .
4. Annie
5. Brassed Off
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You are a god they are both correct Thanks
davelumpy How can you tell so quickly when an answer is correct? Are you entering them online ?

Could the last one be "The Jazz Singer"?

Walk a million miles?
These were all answered ages ago. Believe 4 was Fargo

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