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davelumpy | 09:13 Fri 02nd Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone think the movie names for the following 2 questions in a cryptic Movie quiz that is driving us to maddness.:

1, Become Denser

2, History of Cheese



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1. The Sender (1998) - anag of denser
Question Author
No tbut hanks for the idea
Dumb and Dumber?

1 Dumb and Dumber?
How appropriate...Crofter and Pauline!!!!
Question Author
No both of those answers where answers to other cryptic clues
-- answer removed --
Do you have the amount of letters?
Question Author
the clues at the top is all the info we get. To give you and example on other questions and what they are like:

A Painter and an Alcholic drink = Turner and Hooch
Pauline~ don't be cheeky!

2. The Roquefort Files?
Got my poster up on wall Crofter!....causing much laughter with friends!
1 . Gothic ? Ken Russell .
Question Author
No thanks for throwing some ideas as we are close to tears here.
2. The Philadelphia Story
Question Author
I really thought you had it with Gothic but no
Pauline ~ I'll play "DUMB" ony if you're the one who's "DUMBER"! That's only fair!

Pleased you liked the poster. I enjoyed compiling it.
SLANEY ~ You Whizz Kid! Fantastic!
Question Author
Slaney :

The Philadelphia Story was CORRECT thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much....
Will ruin it all now by suggesting for No 1--
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Thanks to swanbaker giving up a clue with Gothic the answer was

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