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Action For Children C/D 18Th July

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bibster | 12:07 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
22 Answers

Songs from 70's and 80's dingba

5 £5.OO X 3

6 Get in to written on a black line

8 lips on top of an X

16 Candy cane ,cracker and a woman sign

still got more to get but would appreciate any help with these Thanks



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Seen as

6 Get into the groove 

8 Sealed with a kiss 

6 Get into the groove?

5.  Money, Money, Money


16.  Santa Baby (Madonna)?  



Have you any ideas on 12

Hard to describe other than 2 circles one with arrow pointing up and one lower to the right with arrow pointing to the right inside.

There is something between the two but can't see what.

Thank you

16.  Candy Girl

I'm stuck on 12 too.  Think it's "or" between the two directions. 

Question Author

Thanks for all your help ,can't help with no 12 as I need that and no's 3 ,9, 13, 17 ,19 ,

12.  Go your own way?


3. Girls on Film

9. Power of Love

17. Club Tropicana

19.  Beat it

Was thinking 13 might be Boogie On Down but not at all sure.



Question Author

Thank you all for your help

12 One way or another ?

9 - Love Bomb

13 - Dancing on the Ceiling?

For 16, if it is Candy girl, what's the cracker for?

What is the clue for 13 please?

16 - It's a wrapped sweet? 

Thanks, I haven't seen the pictures but if it's a sweet it could be Candy Girl (although why a candy stick and a toffee).

I di wonder about Sweet Sweet Girl but that was 1959

The Moments had Sweet Sweet Lady in 1974?

5, Three times a lady

6,The Groove

8,We dont talk anymore

16, Candy Girl

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Action For Children C/D 18Th July

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