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St Andrews Church So Worth- Creatures Quiz

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Tamla | 16:25 Mon 27th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am stuck on a few questions and any help gratefully received.   Thank you.

Q29   Runs round in circles.    3 words.   

Q33     Do something unexpected, leaves people worried.  6 words.

Q35     Feeling uncomfortable.   6 words.   All I have is having butterflies in you stomach, but a word short.

Q36       something that is too good to be true.   5 words.

Q37       A   very difficult problem to solve.   9 words

I have a few possible answers but they are not sufficient number of words for the clue.    Hope someone can help me.



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29 wild goose chase?

35.  Like a Fish out of water.

37 get a camel through the eye of a needle ?

Question Author

Thank you to you all for your kindness in providing me with answers.   Much appreciated

36 - A cock and bull story?

33 - Put the cat among the pigeons?

Question Author

Thank you Foxes123 for your answers, greatly appreciated

Alternative for 29:
The phrase which comes into my mind is "He runs round in circles like a headless chicken"

Question Author

Thank you Buenchico.   I think your answer is probably the correct one 

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St Andrews Church So Worth- Creatures Quiz

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